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AA lot of academic textbooks are dry and boring.  Textbooks are about as exciting to read as a refrigerator maintenance manual, they’re simply not intended to be bestsellers. Because of this a lot of scholarly writers love to make their material as obtuse and as difficult to understand as possible.  Certain subjects can be incredibly difficult to read because of this.  Old books, dense theories, and tricky scientific journals are all hard to get through.  Fortunately there are a few neat tricks that can help you to understand your work.  People who learn better through listening and people who are visual learners will both appreciate the fact that YouTube has all kinds of helpful lectures and lessons for them.  The site that was once known for hosting videos of cats and goofy cartoons now boasts a respectable array of educational resources.

One of the many great things that YouTube has to offer is its huge selection of audiobooks.  There are a few limitations when it comes to copyrights, but that’s only a speed bump considering the wide selection. You probably won’t find your actual textbooks on it, however, you can usually find an audiobook related to the more specific subject that you might be studying at the moment.  This is nice because it helps you to digest the information that your professor wants you to understand much more easily.

In addition to audiobooks, YouTube has a ton of free tutoring videos.  You can find material on everything from calculus and quantum physics to straightforward topics like art and history.  These can provide some great introductions to concepts and ideas that you might struggle with otherwise.  They can also be rather engaging and have visual elements that a standard textbook would usually lack.  If you’re ever stuck with a subject just pull up YouTube and see if there’s a video that explains it.

Finally, YouTube is a really good source for fleshing out presentations and class projects. There are a ton of interviews, sound bites and snippets that can really add color and character to any presentation.  As long as your professor is alright with you using a video, try to incorporate one.  This can really help to enhance your project while cutting down on your speaking time and need to elaborate every single concept.  It’s an effective way to handle difficult presentations that would be very stressful otherwise.

YouTube truly is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to do exceptionally well in school.  The site has advanced and grown a lot and now contains quite a few good educational aides.  A simple search and some casual browsing will help you to find exactly what you need. This way you can listen to recorded books that will expand your knowledge, learn difficult concepts with ease, and beef up presentations. By being smart and treating YouTube as a tool you can get a lot of use out of it.  It is a wonderful alternative to traditional textbooks and makes for a fine academic supplement.


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