Presenting Good Evidence in a College Paper

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Students can struggle to craft a good thesis statement and often find writing a conclusion to be confusing. However, when stressing out over how to open and close a paper, students can’t forget the importance of presenting evidence in a format that is clear and easy to interpret. If students wander from the typical format, they only make getting a good grade more difficult on themselves. This is because paper graders are used to seeing evidence presented in a certain pattern.

When writing body paragraphs, all good evidence should be introduced first by a topic sentence. This topic sentence should encompass everything that is discussed in the paragraph, and discussions that are only tangentially related should be discussed separately, in a different paragraph and under their own topic sentences.  After a topic sentence leads the paragraph, the evidence supporting the assertion of the topic sentence should be introduced.

For instance, if a person lead with a topic sentence that said ice cream was healthier than cake, then evidence should immediately follow that supports the assertion. This could come in the form of research studies, interviews with experts, or authoritative books on the subject. Importantly, especially in academic papers, wholesale block quotations should be avoided in favor or summaries written in the words of the paper’s author. However, simply introducing the evidence isn’t sufficient for crafting an excellent body paragraph.

After the evidence has been presented, students should then focus on discussing the evidence, and particularly how that evidence directly supports the topic sentence. A good college paper doesn’t just throw the evidence out there to leave it hang. Instead, good writers know to take that evidence, discuss it, show its support of the topic sentence, and connect that paragraph to the information that will follow in the next paragraph. Following this simple format, students can quickly excel when writing body paragraphs for their essays.


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