Our Promise

We certify that our transactions with you  will be conducted consistently with the following terms:


  1. The buyer’s confidentiality is to be protected: no third parties will receive any information regarding the transaction.
  2. All assignments will be completed in strict accordance with the instructor’s guidelines and free revisions are to be provided in the unlikely event where the clearly articulated requirements have not been fulfilled.
  3. The writer will procure his own research material and in the buyer will be notified immediately in the unlikely event where he must provide sources of his own.
  4. Once the writer and the buyer agree upon a deadline, it must be met at all times. In the unlikely event where the deadline has not been met, the customer will be entitled to a minimum of a 10% discount.
  5. All transactions concerning the nature of this Capstone project will adhere to the six step process detailed in the “How my transaction work” document.