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March 29, 2015 0 1161


When you submit an assignment to our service, do you ever wonder about the identity of the person who is going to be writing your essay? Are they another undergraduate student? Is it the same man in New Delhi who assisted you with your credit card billing dispute this afternoon? Or is it someone you will likely see on an upcoming episode of “Intervention?”

Actually, many of us are professional academics, with advanced degrees and classroom experience under our belts. The state of the academic job market forces us to utilize our training elsewhere, such as academic writing services. While other blog posts have touched upon other aspects of corruption in academia, such as inflated tuition rates and student loan debt, few aspects of this corruption are as shameful as the employment situation that new academics face these days. You may picture your professors leading cushy lifestyles with unparalleled job security, upper-middle-class incomes, and summers spent jetting off to academic conferences in exotic locales. For a small minority, this is indeed the case. However, for most of us, the decision to turn our love for knowledge into a career was the most downwardly mobile decision we ever could have made.

At least 77 percent of us work (or have worked) in what are called “non-tenure-track” or “adjunct faculty” positions. That means we receive temporary employment contracts that may or may not be renewed each semester or academic year, and we are typically paid per class that we teach. A lucky few may earn $5-$6,000 for each class, but in most instances, the rate of pay is somewhere between $1,500-$2,500 per class. So, even your hardest-working adjunct who takes on five classes each semester (which, trust me, is a very heavy load) may only bring in a total annual salary of $15,000!

This is the present reality of the academic job market, and it is a problem that is only going to get worse in the years to come. As for me, I didn’t study for eight years and risk my safety doing research in developing nations so that I could be exploited in this manner. I’d much rather do what I love, which is researching and writing. So, when you submit that next assignment, rest assured that your grade is in capable hands, and that you are helping a struggling scholar to pay their bills.


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