Managing fun and school.

August 8, 2014 1041


CCollege is typically billed as a huge party destination. Movies and television shows depict it as a wild place where anything goes. While there is nothing wrong with having fun it is important for students to balance their leisure time with academics. Learning how to juggle these two responsibilities is crucial to success in both school and life. It takes a while to master this, but there are a few tricks that can help students to manage their daily tasks.

Don’t skip class.

Incoming freshmen often get enamored with the fact that professors don’t take attendance. They rarely show up to lectures and then act surprised at their poor grades. Going to class isn’t mandatory, but it helps a lot. Unless there is a pressing emergency, try to attend every course.

Designate “fun days.”

Having a good time and trying new things is part of the whole college experience. However, try to schedule this time so that it doesn’t interfere with school. By doing so you can actually have a better time and still get work done in an efficient manner. Managing time and planning ahead can allow you to try new things and meet new people without having to feel pressured. Try to go out and enjoy yourself after attending class and doing homework. You will be able to have a great time while still getting good grades.

Outsource when needed.

Life happens. People can get busy and might not have the time to get all of their schoolwork done. When situations like this occur there are only two options. You can let your grades take a hit or get help with your assignments. Having someone assist you can free up time and allow you to get to deal with real life issues. It is a great option and one that can help to maintain your grades.

Academics are important, but having fun is a big part of college too. While it can take a little time to balance these two thing out, doing so can be incredibly rewarding. Earning good grades and doing well in school is highly satisfying. Try to attend your classes, plan for fun events, and get help with time-consuming projects. This will ensure that you have the best college experience possible.


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