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September 22, 2017 190


Look no further than the quiet comfort of a Korean Spa.

In an era when most college students are juggling the prospect of looming debt, part time jobs to pay for tuition and internships to offset the dim prospects of an ever shrinking job market, feeling at ease while studying is an important aspect of getting through college successfully. The library is overcrowded and it is barely tolerable to sit at home and study while distracted by the lure of going out or partying with your fraternity buddies.

All the same, you make the effort to find a way to get your work done because your mother and father did shell out 20 grand to pay for this semester and in the end, you do have to produce a decent enough grade point average in order to avoid coming face to face with that look of disappointment if you fail out of accounting. So the question becomes…how do you make your study environment stimulating enough to ward out intrusion from the other facets of your day to day life, yet relaxing enough that you do not feel anxious about tackling that trial balance?
The answer may lie in a 48 hour planned retreat to a Korean spa.

King Spa in Palisades Park New Jersey is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The facility contains many saunas; all designed with different themes in mind and all heated at different temperatures in keeping with a 600 year old Korean spa tradition that westerners are just beginning to tap into.
The unique décor of each individual sauna-some embossed in gemstone, some painted in gold and some with walls with a clay-like texture, will have you wandering from sauna to sauna in a trance-like state, soaking in the unique aroma of each individual heated abode.

If you feel that Jersey is out of your way, not to worry-visitors to the spa can take advantage of an incoming and outgoing shuttle service that departs from Flushing or Midtown.
You can even buy an entrance ticket from Groupon in advance for $26.00. (The regular rate is $45.00 per person). You are required to wear a uniform and not allowed to wear shoes. The floors happen to be clean enough that you won’t need to anyway.

The spa also contains bathing areas that are full of hot and cold pools and steam rooms. These sequestered rooms are also full of amenities like toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, Q-tips, hairdryers and soap. For reasonable prices, you can also buy Korean style desserts, sushi, Korean food, drinks and fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable smoothies, massages, haircuts and nail salons as well as access to the fitness room.

There is a study room on the second floor equipped with lab tops, lounge chairs and beds so that you can do all of your homework and study for your tests in the peaceful and meditative tranquility of the spa environment. The minute you enter this gem, located just off the bridge, the hustle and bustle of the city becomes a thing left behind and suddenly your job and the tempting parties your friends are urging you to attend become things viewed from a distance. The affordable peacefulness of this four story paradise alleviates all the anxiety and distractions, leaving you alone and at focused on the things that you do not technically want to do but suddenly seem all the more doable.


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