How to reignite your passion for learning.

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I“I’ve never let my school interfere with my education” is a very famous saying created by Mark Twain.  Millions of students across the United States can relate to this quote.  They went to school hoping to learn new things and have their horizons broadened, but school couldn’t live up to their expectations.  As a result, they find it hard to focus and feel like they are gradually losing interest in subjects that they were once passionate about.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  Students who are feeling uninspired have options.  They can easily rekindle their passion for learning with a few unconventional tricks.

Find a virtual mentor

Everyone has somebody that they look up to.  A physics student might admire Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman.  An art student might really like Picasso or Monet.  There are hundreds of interesting and inspirational role models in every field.  Do some research and find one that speaks to you, then dedicate some time to learning as much as you can about them.  Read their books, watch their lectures on YouTube and find articles about them.  Having someone to look up to can really help you to stay focused and driven.

Go for a walk and spend some time alone

A lot of the time stress and disinterest can be caused by your environment.  If all the other students complain about how much they hate a certain class, you’ll probably start to fall into the same mindset.  Go out alone and clear your head.  Spend some time walking around and reflecting on things. Go get a coffee and spend half an hour mulling over your situation.  Being by yourself can really help you to address the issue you are facing.

Look for an alternative

You went to school for a certain subject, meaning something about it sparked your interest at one point.  However, the way that this topic is being presented in the classroom has made you lose that interest.  To solve this problem, find other outlets where you can express your passion.  If you like writing, sit down and work on short stories after class.  If you are majoring in business, try to start a little company that can provide services on campus.  These are just a few ways on how to keep your passion alive, play around with it and find what works best for you.

School is important, but there are certain professors and classes that make interesting subjects into boring ones.  If you have a love for learning about a particular topic don’t let a few mediocre classes affect you.  Dedicate some time towards pursuing your passion outside of the classroom.



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