How to Make the Best Use of Your Ghost Writer.

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To some students contracting a ghost writer to complete their assignments is a convenient way to free up some extra time for a social life, or an easy way to boost their GPA. However it’s worth remembering that the quality of our work is in large part predicated on the clarity of your instructions. We specialize in writing high quality papers that meet the demands of specific assignments; but to do this, we must have the cooperation of students in providing clear and specific assignment instructions. Additionally, while we are very good at doing research and finding quality academic sources, we must be informed in advance if your assignment requires research from a specific academic source. Likewise, if your assignment requires sources to be taken from a course textbook, it is in your best interests to supply the source material, or scan relevant passages that you want included or referenced in your assignment ahead of time. We are often able to find digital copies of course materials, but due to sheer volume and variety of published academic materials, this is not always possible.

It is also worth pointing out that our services are not a substitute for your attendance or participation in your courses. We can ensure you make high grades on all of your written assignments, but we cannot take your exams for you. If you want to keep the grades we help you attain, you need to actually read the assignments you’ll be submitting to your professors. This isn’t just to help you do well on exams, but for your own protection. Students who don’t bother to read the work they’re submitting are often caught off guard when asked about the assignment by their professors. Nothing arises the suspicions of a professor more than a student who seemingly can’t remember the main idea of the paper they’re turning in. Thus, for the sake of familiarity, we strongly recommend that all of our students carefully read their assignments before submission. Keeping these simple guidelines in mind will ensure that you get the best possible result from your ghost writer and prevent you from being suspected of plagiarism.



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