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2.3: 700 words, APA. two references, Q&A format List the seven-step CP process as defined by the NIST. What is the recommended standard approach to the process? List and describe the three criteria used to determine whether an actual incident is occurring. List and describe several containment strategies given in the text. On which two tasks do they focus? Why should continuity plans be tested and rehearsed? Part 2: Module Practice Using the format provided in the text, design an incident response plan for your home computer. Include actions to be taken if each of the following events occurs: a. Virus attack b. Power failure c. Fire d. Burst water pipe e. ISP failure What other scenarios do you think are important and need a plan? 2.4: 450 words, two references Discuss computer viruses spread via email or by other methods. What negative consequences can they have on an organization’s operations? What are some skills or expertise areas that are necessary in preparing a plan to deal with such an incident? Post one original response to the discussion question(s) and reply to at least two of your colleagues. It is your responsibility to promote critical thinking and make the discussion an interactive learning experience. When answering the discussion questions, use terminology from the chapter. Each answer should be a paragraph in length, grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors. The discussion activities need to be completed by the end of the module's week. 2.5: Write a 2-page APA style paper summarizing the background, description, and purpose of NIST Special Publication, 800-34, Rev. 1, Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems. NIST 800-34, Rev.1 Publication Citation (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. The heading for the last section of your paper should be titled "Author Reflection" and it should reflect your critique of the publication examined. The Author's Reflection should include critiquing of the journal, publication, article, website or situation examined.Your paper should also integrate and identify (with) the concepts covered in your textbook and the module/course content. Be sure to use your newly acquired terminology. 2.2.1: 450 words, two references, APA Q&A format Discuss the differences between the “agency theory” and the “stewardship theory.” Explain which of these theories applies to your strategic audit firm and why? Explain the strategic roles Board of Directors have in conjunction with senior management and the running of an organization. Which Degree of Involvement in Strategic Management describes the Board of Directors for your strategic audit firm, and why? Discuss in detail the ramifications the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had on business in the United States. Define the three basic approaches to ethical behavior. Discuss your views on each of these ethical behaviors. Describe Friedman’s view on the responsibilities of business. Do you agree or disagree with Friedman’s views and why? Explain Carroll’s two responsibilities that pertain to social responsibilities. Do you believe these responsibilities are growing in support from corporations, or not, and why? 2.3: Discuss an ethical situation in the past year involving a company. Describe the ethical issue. Do you agree with how the firm handled the ethical issue, and why? Please provide at least 200 words in your written discussion work. You should also review the comments of other students on this topic and generate at least two quality replies. 2.4: This is another part of the strategic audit from last week. The guidelines are once again attached. Two References Identify the Board of Directors serving your Strategic Audit firm. Tell if the Board members are internal or external directors. If external directors, mention what organizations they represent, and which country they are from. Indicate when the directors were elected to the Board. Relate what Board Committees they serve on.

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